To maintain your iPhone, you need to make sure that it operates as well as possible. This means that you should perform routine maintenance procedures on it. They will extend its life both in terms of hardware and software. You should follow these 10 iPhone Maintenance Tips To Keep Device Running Smoothly

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Physical iPhone Maintenance Tips:

1. Make sure the charging port is clean:

If you’re having trouble charging your phone, try removing the protective coating on the Lightning connector and using a toothpick or the SIM removal tool that comes with your phone to clean the contact points. If this still doesn’t work, you can use a can of compressed air. Be careful, however, not to hurt the contact points by acting too hastily. Keep the can as close to the charging port as possible.

If the can is too far from the charging port, you’ll have trouble getting your device to charge. Keep the can near to the charging port and keep the nozzle out. If you can’t charge your device, then you can get our iPhone repair service at T E store.

2. Make sure the speaker and microphone are clean:

Cleaning your iPhone’s speaker and microphone is important. Not doing so could have a negative effect on call quality, music playing, and Siri control. Get a soft-bristled toothbrush and (very) gently wipe the dirt out of the two apertures to start the cleaning procedure. Next, carefully put a piece of tape over the spot to gather the dust and take it away. Compressed air should not be used. The high impact may cause damage to the membranes of the speaker and microphone.

10 iPhone Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Device Running Smoothly

3. Clean the Phone iPhone Screen:

Cleaning Because we take our phones everywhere, they are filthy and infested with germs. You should give your smartphone a good polish every now and again. You should use a soft, wet, lint-free cloth, according to Apple. Water should not be allowed to enter the different ports, buttons, or other holes. Also, because iPhones are covered with a fingerprint-resistant oil repellant, never use anything abrasive. It’s natural for it to deteriorate with time, but frequent washing might remove it prematurely.

10 iPhone Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Device Running Smoothly

4. Make sure the headphone jack is clean:

The headphone jack is still available if you have an iPhone 6s or earlier. To avoid a buildup of dust and fluff, clean it out on a regular basis. Use the same compressed air procedure as before to clean the headphone jack on an iPhone. Cotton swaps can also be beneficial. If you’re still having trouble, a toothpick may be used as a final option.

Internal iPhone Maintenance Tips:

Tips for Maintaining Your iPhone Now that we’ve covered cleaning the outside of your iPhone, it’s time to look inside and see what else you should keep in mind. Here are a few ways you can improve the performance of your iPhone, and keep it running smoothly.

5. Take care of your iPhone’s battery:

A great deal of people experience trouble with the battery life of their phone. If you are a heavy user, it’s hard to make it last for days at a time. As the battery gets older and deteriorates, the scenario gets worse. Recharging the battery regularly helps a lot. You’ll find various choices that you can make with your iPhone. Switching up your batteries can give you more power. Get our complete guide to our iPhone batteries to learn more about these and other topics.

10 iPhone Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Device Running Smoothly

6. Increase the size of your iPhone’s storage:

With all the top-tier iPhone models being so expensive, many people choose a device with less internal capacity. Your storage rapidly fills up, especially if you shoot a lot of images and get messages from friends and family on a regular basis. You don’t want to reach your storage limit at an inconvenient time, preventing you from taking photographs or downloading new apps. As a result, it’s a good idea to spend some time cleaning your phone’s data now and again. You may erase browser data, uninstall programs, and delete offline files in addition to media files.

7. Make a copy of your data:

It’s tough to overstate how important it is to back up your data. After putting my wife’s iPhone through the washing machine a month after our new baby arrived, I can speak from personal experience. I lost my priceless photographs. There are two main ways for backing up iOS: iTunes and iCloud. Another alternative is to utilise a third-party service.

8. Turn Off Your Phone:

Turn it off and on again. It’s a handy tip for keeping your smartphone in good working order. How often do you really turn your phone off and on? Most likely never if you don’t let the battery run out. Fixing memory leaks, freeing up RAM, minimizing crashes, and extending battery life are just a few of the advantages of rebooting your iPhone.

9. Keep Your Apps Update:

It’s a no-brainer on this one. However, it’s incredible how many people let dozens of updates sit without downloading and installing them. New features, improved security, and a more consistent user experience are all advantages of updated programs. If you open the App Store and select the Updates tab, you may check if any app updates are waiting. Enabling automatic updates is a smart idea.

10. Examine the App Settings:

Menus should be reviewed periodically. As a result, you should go over menus every now and then to make sure that programs are still set up the way you want them to be. It’s possible that you will also find some features that allow you to use less mobile data. This is especially true for social networking applications, which have a terrible tendency to enroll you in privacy-eroding “new features” without your knowledge. Also read about: 15 iPhone Maintenance Tips  Running Smoothly